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Imperial Wedding Limousine

The Civil Partnership act now offers gay and lesbian couples the same legal rights and benefits as heterosexual married couples. Although there is no need for the couple to have a ceremony you need only book an appointment with the registry office to sign the paper work; here at Limo Hire Sussex Kent we see it as a time to celebrate the love between two people and have the wedding you have always dreamed of.

Choosing the venue: This ultimately may be the biggest decision to make as more and more venues are embracing civil partnerships it is your decision on wether to have a small intimate wedding in a quaint hotel to a grand lavish wedding in a huge stately home. Or why not have a marquee in the settings of your choice.

The service: This is where you show your love for your partner here you can read a message of love or poem. Share your vows of commitment and sentiment. Play music that compliments the feelings felt by you and your partner.

The reception:  Will the reception be at the same venue or separate to the ceremony a decision that will depend on where you decide to hold the ceremony.

Remember this day is for you and your partner so make the most of the day so don’t forget to book the flowers and of course the limo to whisk you and your partner in style to the ceremony and onto the reception. Celebrate on the way to the wedding and afterwards to your reception or honeymoon.

Civil Partnerships Limo Hire
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