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Being in the south east means you do not have to travel to far to find a club to dance the night away. With Brighton in the west known as a hen and stag destination, Maidstone and Ashford in the east and of course London the ultimate clubbing capital.

Brighton for clubbing, hen and stags:  Take the mates to Brighton in a limo, here you will find a club to suit all tastes. Clubs catering for hens and stags, gay clubs and clubs for everyone wanting a great night out and don't forget to get your limo to drop you off at one of Brighton's pub to start your night.

Limo hire in Ashford:  Not as big as Brighton but a limo trip to this county town will not disappoint the clubber with the choice of Liquid and Hustle. Start you evening with your limo dropping you off at Wetherspoons

Limo hire in Maidstone:  The capital of Kent makes Maidstone a great destination for a limo ride with your friends and family. Wether you are going out for a special occasion like a birthday or just clubbing with your mates then book a limousine to start the night. Listen to the latest sounds in your limo on the way to the club. (Connection lead available)

Limo hire in London:  London is only a limo ride away from you. Take your limo to one of the many clubs and bars in the capital. On the journey  listen to your favourite sounds. (Connection lead available)

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