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Registry office weddings are now as popular as the traditional church wedding the only difference being the venue. In the past the bride would wear a suit or evening dress, but brides are now wearing the full white wedding dress especially if this is their first wedding.

Not religious: A registry office wedding is the perfect venue for those brides and grooms who are not religious and feel that a church is not for their special day.

The small intimate wedding:  Check with the Registry offices on the size of the rooms available if you only have a small guest list a small room will give you an intimate service.

2nd marriages:  Not all churches will marry couples that have been divorced and so a registry along with a same venue wedding has become more popular with couples that are re-marrying.

The wedding day:  A registry wedding therefore can be as magical as a church wedding if you plan all the details the dress, the guests and the wedding cars.

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